Another “and I thought I was a geek”

This guy has me beat too:

Although, I might have done this when I was younger. I like to think I would have.

And, Apple updated the iPods today, as expected. With mostly capacity and pricing tweaks and no major upgrades, this refresh was kind of well, boring. The new iPod mini is available in four colors (they dropped gold) and comes in 4GB and new 6GB sizes. And, the new iPod photo now comes in 30GB and 60GB models and had a price drop. Plus, usb 2.0 connectivity for Mac or Windows.

The expected minis with color screen didn’t happen and no bluetooth either (yet). The new minis also have a greatly improved battery life, up to 18 hours, from 8. And, coming in March, new iPod software lets you choose new slideshow transitions on the go and new hardware lets you upload photos directly from your camera using the optional iPod Camera Connector accessory.

Hold me back. I would still like to get an iPod Shuffle. Maybe after tax time.

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