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Meet the new sponsor.

I want to extend a laurel and hardy handshake and welcome the good people of Busted Tees. They are graciously putting a link here so that you folks can click through and order some of their cool shirts. So, click … Continue reading

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Are you tired? Too sleepy for sex?

I didn’t think it was possible but I guess it could be. To tired to have sex? What’s the world coming to? How will we keep the population going? Is this the end?

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Black Smoke Good?

New Pope. Now with 20% fewer calories than regular Pope.

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Happy Tax Day

Did you remember to file? I did. Unfortunately, all I do is pay and pay and pay. I need more deductions next time. Now, what can I buy?

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Put a Tiger on your computer

Apple announced Tiger (aka OSX 10.4). Tiger will actually be available on April 29th at 6pm. Expect some lines at the Apple stores. Apple loves to see lines at the stores. Feel free to click on the link at the … Continue reading

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Life with the PalmOne Treo 650 (part 2)

As promised, here is part two of my review of the PalmOne Treo 650 phone/pda combo. To recap, I purchased the unlocked (as in no branding by a wireless company) Treo 650 directly from PalmOne and got it for the … Continue reading

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Bush sinks even lower, DeLay no help

President Bush’s approval rating falls again. Congress is doing even worse. I’m not usually one to say “I told you so” but really, was there any doubt this would happen? Now, what’s the latest: high gasoline prices that are going … Continue reading

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