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putting your best face forward (or at least the one you like the most)

if you live in and go places in Los Angeles it is pretty hard to avoid running into either someone you know, someone you don’t like or who doesn’t like you or some sort of famous person. yesterday was typical … Continue reading

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tu Ciudad

Last night we went to the launch party for a new magazine here in Los Angeles called tu Ciudad or just “City”. I wrote about it for LAist but there are more pictures on my flickr page, in case you … Continue reading

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Apple to use Intel chips?

This again? Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t. Really it would not be too hard to get OSX to run on Intel or AMD chip. Well, at least for the smart engineers at Apple. I’m sure that in some vault … Continue reading

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Star Wars: E3ROTS is already online

Already? I’m surprised it took this long. Not that I condone this kind of thing (illegal downloads, that is) and I don’t always agree with Cory Doctorow (although, he probably doesn’t know or care). He is pretty much right on … Continue reading

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Busy couple of weeks . . .

It’s looking to be a pretty hectic next few weeks for your humble writer (me, in case you can’t figure it). This week I will be all over the City of Angels at various events. Monday night is a screening … Continue reading

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George Lucas is a rich mofo . . .

Forbes has the info. “It all started with a story treatment, handwritten in pencil on a few sheets of lined yellow legal paper.” And the rest, as they say, is history. They also have a breakdown of the “Star Wars” … Continue reading

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Going down?

Sorry, but I am really busy again and only had time to write for one site at the moment. However, here’s my latest bit for LAist for your reading pleasure. ————————————————– There is something missing at the movies this year. … Continue reading

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