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Zombie Dogs

Now that could be a good name for a band. But really, its your tax dollars hard at work as our government’s big brains have created zombie dogs, reanimating the canines after several hours of clinical death in attempts to … Continue reading

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No broadcast flag and the intel macintosh

just an update. the broadcast flag was not attached to an appropriations bill. over at the eff they are pretty happy about the rise of citizen activism that helped the cause. the eff’s new activism coordinator, Danny O’Brien, sees this … Continue reading

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M is for Monday

today is monday. not my favorite day of the week by any means. however, a necessary evil so i will just have to let it go. besides, if there were no monday than i would have to be less than … Continue reading

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The world is yours

those busy people at Google now offer you the world. with google maps you can map our whole planet. you can’t click and zoom into every country just yet but you can see some cool satellite images. it’s just a … Continue reading

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The Batsuit, not for kids.

here’s how the batsuit in the new Batman movie works. cool. i hope the movie is good too. i won’t hold my breath. in other news of my world, I have not taken my ailing G5 mac into the shop … Continue reading

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Follow the money (or not)

it’s odd to me. one of my jobs is in the technology field doing consulting and such. so, i feel that i have a pretty good idea how things like computers work. at least, i know enough to make them … Continue reading

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This time the rumors are true

Yes, its true. Apple is switching to Intel. I can feel hell freezing over right now. However, I think its a smart move if Intel can provide better, faster, stronger chips than IBM can. Apple needs faster chips and needs … Continue reading

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