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Bad day on bourbon street and Apple news

all i can say about this is i’m glad i’ve been to New Orleans so many times and have experienced that great city and its people. because, New Orleans is no more thanks to Hurricane Katrina. at least the one … Continue reading

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distracted and in some pain

not only did i recently get a big new TV so naturally i have to watch shows that i would not normally watch, like any of the CSI shows, because they are in High Def but i have also started … Continue reading

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big Sony televisions, DirectTV high-def video and other cool stuff

lots of cool things happening around my place in the last few days. we are making the transition to HD so that required a new television and a switch to DirectTV in order to get HD programming and a TiVo … Continue reading

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Interesting stuff (at least to me) from around the internets

first off, the fine folks at the RIAA are now, it seems, going to be going after you in your homes for making you own cd’s from music you already purchased. so, if you rip a cd that you own … Continue reading

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People are crazy and other news of the world

this is sad. its a shame what people are willing to do to save some money. i love the mac too but really, get a grip people. and i have to wonder if the Richmond Police slept through the lecture … Continue reading

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Apple – the final countdown

no, not a mid-eighties rocker ballad. it is, in fact, come to the final countdown for my g5, still in the hands of the glendale apple store. but here’s a miraculous bit of news that i got just yesterday. a … Continue reading

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Testing Dashboard

i’m testing a dashboard widget that allows you to post to my blog. so, how does it look? i guess its the same. why wouldn’t it look the same? anyway, things are going well. busy and all that. saw “the … Continue reading

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Friday report

last night we spent some time in los feliz. i have to say that although it was pretty trendy i had a good time. we ate at a restaurant called fred 62 and then went on to the LAist one … Continue reading

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