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Happy Holidays and all that. Plus, where the hell is my Xbox 360?

greetings and all that. i have returned from the wilds of down south after eating just about as much turkey, stuffing and apple pie as any human has ever done. i’m not saying that i ate a lot last week. … Continue reading

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TV Downloads, XMas Shopping and some history

NBC has entered into a deal with online commerce and digital delivery guys Wurld Media to make selected movies available for download via protected peer-to-peer network Peer Impact beginning in early 2006. No word yet on the price for this … Continue reading

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New Business and some old New Business

we are considering many alternatives and are getting together a new business venture that promises to bring many exciting things (at least for us). we are working hard and are not ready to reveal all the sordid details as of … Continue reading

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How CBS and NBC got it wrong

even though they seem like they are trying to do the right thing. it appears that greed trumps innovation yet again. i’ll let om tell it like it is. all i have to say about this is that the apple … Continue reading

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Over 1M people switch from Windows to MAC

mmmm, this is an interesting development. who can blame them? thank you iPod (now with video). i know i love mine. even though i only got the 30gig, its still cool. i can even watch movies on it. its not … Continue reading

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