Best of . . .


over at LAist we are doing our “best of” picks to end the year. yes, i know it may seem a little trite but its still a bunch of fun too. you can check out my pics for best music, blogs, tv shows, movies, bars, restaurants, etc. over there. they will be coming out a piece at a time, starting with music.

or, for your convenience, they can all be found below. enjoy!

best movies:
brokeback mountain
good night and good luck

best tv shows:
veronica mars
battlestar galactica
my name is earl
the office
out of practice

best bars:
father’s office – santa monica
firefly – studio city
starlight lounge – studio city
cat and fiddle – hollywood
roof bar at the standard – downtown
el centro – los angeles

best restaurants:
hugo’s – studio city
lala’s – studio city
arroyo chop house – pasadena
ciudad – downtown
great india cafe – studio city
jar – beverly hills
doughboy’s – los angeles
taco bell – anywhere at 2 am

best blogs:
the superficial
the unofficial apple weblog
LAist (so i’m biased, so what?)
starbucks gossip
digg (not really a blog exactly but still interesting)

best cd’s:
coldplay – x&y (i play this all the time and like it more and more)
death cab for cutie – plans
fall out boy – from under the cork tree
franz ferdinand – you could have said it so much better
the white stripes – get behind me satan

also, i am still listening to these cd’s from 2004 and before (some, way before. oldies but goodies, as they say).
coldplay – a rush of blood to the head
interpol – antics
zero 7 – simple things
the crystal method – vegas
the killers – hot fuss
black rebel motorcycle club – b.r.m.c.
miles davis – the complete birth of cool

and that be that. enjoy the rest of 2005.

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