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New iMac, Bootcamp and playing games

after moving into the new place i realized that it was a great opportunity to get rid of stuff i really don’t need and could do without or could substitute something else for. so, out went the big g5 tower … Continue reading

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Mac OSX 10.5 Screenshots, Global Warming and more

ok, this could, of course, be a fake. as many like it have been in the past. however, this looks more real than anything i have seen so far on the web so . . . you never know. could … Continue reading

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the theme of this blog, of late, has been change. i did other jobs. went back to former careers. loved and hated them at the same time. changed the coloring and theme of the site and a bunch of other … Continue reading

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Site Design

i will be messing with the design of this site again so please don’t be offended if things change a little (or a lot ) here and there. this is the first change in about a year or so and … Continue reading

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Flocking it again and some LAist news

i am trying the new version of the pretty cool browser called flock. flock combines many of the tools that i use (blog software, image browsing, search, news, etc.) into one easy to use interface. it’s really come a long … Continue reading

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More with the Macbook, Windows and Bootcamp

And now, a little more on the very cool macbook. now that i have had chance to use it for a little time i have come to like it even more. i put in the 2gigs of ram and that … Continue reading

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