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Flickr cross posting and fake vegas

there’s this thing you can do with flickr that allows you to cross-post to your blog when you upload photos to your flickr account. i’m going to try to do that from time to time (or more often if i … Continue reading

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Fire Exit

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ipods, nasa, elections and other important stuff

my man zach is running for office in sherman oaks. if you live in sherman oaks, make sure to get out and vote for him. that is, if you can vote. for the full story, check out his site here. … Continue reading

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business as usual?

this is one of those rare times when i don’t really have much to say but i just feel like writing. so, here i am. if you know me in person (some of you do) than you know that i … Continue reading

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New OS, thy name is Leopard

in case you have been living in a hole or something, apple released details on its new upcoming OS, codename Leopard, this week. all the gory details can be found at the various sites that cover this type of thing. … Continue reading

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News and where to get it plus Mel Gibson

as we all know, the middle east seems to be imploding by the minute. we can’t seem to get a handle on iraq and now isreal and pretty much anyone else are trying to kill each other. so, if you … Continue reading

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