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Fall TV Wrapup

In the interest of full disclosure I actually wrote this piece for LAist but I think it’s kinda funny so I’m going to put it here as well. Plus, a little comedy after that last post is probably a good … Continue reading

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Looking Inward and Some Cool Comic News

First, a little business. As some of you may know I have started writing more for other people at other sites. And, not only that, I have started writing a weekly Mac column at LAist called “Ask the MACist”. Plus, … Continue reading

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Ask the MACist

My latest column is here. So much writing to do so little time. I’m gonna have to link here occasionally but i will try to update as well. But for now . . . Soon I will relate the story … Continue reading

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Blackberry Blogging (again)

Its fun and so good for you. Well, not really but it could be. Just testing something. Sorry to bother. More and better soon. I know, I know, how could it get much better than this?

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Five years.

Five years? Damn, five years seems like a long time. It isn’t really. I only wish I could feel better about things like how our government is handling our safety. But from where I sit it seems like we are … Continue reading

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Ask the MACist

Just in case you don’t get enough Chris in your day I am now writing a weekly Mac help column for LAist called “Ask the MACist”. Today is the first one so please take a minute and check it out. … Continue reading

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