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Ask the MACist

My latest Ask the MACist article is here. Enjoy! And I just love this picture.

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Writing As a Job — The Update

So, here I sit at my usual spot. No, not that spot, I moved away from there a few weeks ago because it was getting too loud and too crowded. No, I’m at at a new spot now. Anyway, this … Continue reading

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Making Money Doing What You Like To Do

Something interesting happened to me while I was writing here. I discovered that what I really want to do is not direct or produce or anything like that, it’s write. As in, writing has become my number one favorite thing … Continue reading

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Uwe Boll, EA, XBox 360 and NDA’s

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the look of the site again. Yes, I had some time on my hands recently so I decided to mess around with it. I like the results now and will … Continue reading

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