Chinatown Pictures and Flickr Meetup

Went and met about 50 other photographers in Chinatown last Saturday. It was part of the first Flickr Meetup of 2007. In case you don’t know, Flickr is a cool photo sharing community where people post photos and talk about photography and whatever else strikes their fancy. Its a great place to see some cool photographs and meet some interesting people.

At the meetup, we walked around and shot some photos and also had some lunch. A nice bunch of people. Here are a few of my pics from that day.

Chinatown Neon-1

chinatown neon

Union Station Light-2

union station light

Rain Drops Closer-1

rain drops close

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2 Responses to Chinatown Pictures and Flickr Meetup

  1. Alcina says:

    Really great photos. I encourage you to keep taking pictures. You have a good eye.

    Best wishes to you,

  2. chris ullrich says:

    Thank you. Much appreciated.

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