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So yeah, obviously I moved to WordPress. And yes, I like the way the blog looks now. But no, the move wasn’t perfect. Sadly, all of the pictures and video files I had put into my posts didn’t make the … Continue reading

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It occured to me that I have this blog set up at WordPress and more importantly, its a free one. Perhaps I should be taking advantage of the free stuff? Maybe so. I do like Typepad but it seems like … Continue reading

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Going to Mars (Edit)

As much as I love ecto and all its blogging goodness I sometimes wonder if something better is out there to suit my needs. So, I have decided to give Mars Edit a try. I only downloaded it this evening … Continue reading

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Walking When You Shouldn’t Be

well, i got some interesting news the other day. it seems i have what the doctors call “walking pneumonia.” and no, it does not come with the “boogie woogie flu” as much as i was hoping it did. really, all … Continue reading

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The Simple Pleasures of a Good Bar and Good Conversation

Last night was the latest LAist meeting where the writers and editors get together to share some beverages and talk about writing, sex, drugs, being attacked by raccoons and whatever else happens to come up. Its a good time made … Continue reading

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Building the Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Awesome. I love all things Lego. Especially all things Lego made into the Millennium Falcon. Go get one for yourself.

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Steve Jobs and His Thoughts on Music

This is a very interesting read especially coming from a guy whose company also has DRM on its music from iTunes. Still, you have to give him credit, he sure seems to be pretty darn smart. I guess you have … Continue reading

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