So yeah, obviously I moved to WordPress. And yes, I like the way the blog looks now. But no, the move wasn’t perfect. Sadly, all of the pictures and video files I had put into my posts didn’t make the trip so they will have to be dropped in manually. Quite a bummer actually considering I’ve got over three years worth of posts here and most of them have pictures or some other kind of media.

Anyway, I probably won’t go back and bring all the pictures back in. I just don’t have that kind of time. So, if you happen to read a post with a whole where a picture should be, please forgive me. I am also having some trouble getting embedded videos to play at WordPress so that will take a little effort on my part as well. Or, I suppose I could ask support for help. Not there yet. I always like to figure this stuff out for myself anyway. It help later if someone else asks me what to do and I can tell them from experience.

Other than that, I’m writing this while looking at an Apple 23″ Cinema Display attached to my MacBook Pro. I gotta say that it’s a pretty great monitor and I may keep it. Actually, it technically is supposed to go to someone else but they don’t need it right away so I thought I would check it out for myself and see how nice it is. You know what, its pretty nice.

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