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Can’t Talk, Playing With the iPhone

Yes, I managed to snag one on Friday (the 8gb model, btw). Yes, its very, very cool. Yes, I will have more to say about it. Yes, I can’t say it here (blame AOL, not me). So please, look elsewhere … Continue reading

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Taking a Quick Photo Break

While I was looking for something else I found this picture. That’s all. You can go about your business now. Happy Sunday.

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I’m Very Important

Sure, I’m joking with the title of this post. My ego isn’t quite that big. However, I do have some rather good news to share. Well, good for me at least. For the rest of you, it won’t really mean … Continue reading

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Land o’ Ports and Coffee, Beer and Creative Juices

As some of you may know, I’m currently up in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. It’s a great city with many of the things I enjoy most about life: coffee, beer and free wi-fi. There’s also an abundance of … Continue reading

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Trying Out an RSS Service Thingy (sorry, its technical)

Sorry folks but I’m just doing a quick experiment to see if something works. Afterward I will return you to your regular programming. Thank you for your patience.

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The Apple Developer Keynote Made Me iSleepy

It may come as somewhat of a surprise that I, the vehement Apple fan would ever say anything even remotely negative about my favorite computer — er, sorry “consumer electronics” — company, but here I am saying just that. After … Continue reading

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Six Issues Facing the Comic Book Industry

Over at The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon lays it out for you and shares his thoughts about the biggest issues facing the comic book business today. Its a good read and one, if you have any interest in comic books, … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Movie ‘DOA’

Sure, you could call it cheesy but what the hell. its got action, swords, guns, explosions and hot babes. All you could ever want in a movie. And heck, even Eric Roberts is in it too. What could be better? … Continue reading

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