Take a Number

You know, its sorta funny how life works. Just when things seem to be taking a turn for the better life smacks you in the face so you know who’s in charge. Without going into to much detail, let’s just say that I’m still in the midst of things personal but on the plus side, if there is one, it looks to be a pretty short time now until the hardest part is over.

Although, they say waiting is the hardest part and dammit, whomever said that pretty much had it right. Waiting pretty much sucks but at the moment, that’s all I can do. Wait. So, here I am and here I’ll stay. I just hope it doesn’t take too long — this much waiting is not good for anyone.

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1 Response to Take a Number

  1. bridson says:

    I’ve found life is all about waiting. If you’re living life that’s what you do. Just don’t let it stress you. While I’m waiting a reply from a publisher I start another book. So, no matter the reply, you have a live thing on your plate.

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