Photo Tuesday with Marissa Miller

Seriously, does it get much better than this woman? Living in Los Angeles, I’m lucky enough to see and come in contact with (aka sit across the Starbucks and stare at) some of the most beautiful women in the world. However, with all those other woman running around here, Marissa Miller still rises to the top.

So, in honor of photo Tuesday, here’s a few shots of her from a recent issue of GQ. Heck, there’s even one in Black & White to fulfill the “arty” quotient for this week. Oh, and if you’re interested, check out all of my photos from the recent Wizard World Chicago extravaganza over at ComicMix.

But for now, enjoy these and be inspired.




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1 Response to Photo Tuesday with Marissa Miller

  1. dannyboycoleman says:

    duuuude wheres the nude pic with her in the mirror. if you have that one email it to me at

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