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Video Friday – ‘The Dark Bailout’

Today, let’s watch a video that combines two of my favorite things: Batman and financial turmoil. Well, in truth, I’m pretty much only a fan of Batman. Financial turmoil, on the other hand, isn’t that fun. Let’s just hope things … Continue reading

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Video Friday – The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

Yes, that’s right kids, its the original trailer from 1977 for one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made in the history of movie-making: Star Wars. Before it was called ‘Episode 4’ and before George Lucas went a little mad … Continue reading

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Megan Fox and Marissa Miller

As it happens to be Wednesday and I haven’t done it in some time, here’s a few photos of two of my favorite females — Megan Fox and Marissa Miller. Megan’s photos are from a recent GQ shoot and Marissa’s … Continue reading

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The Great Orson Welles

This is a video of my favorite director’s last TV appearance ever on the Merv Griffin show, October 10th, 1985 . Even at 70 years old, you can still see his wit, charm and intelligence come through. It’s a great … Continue reading

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Video Friday

Because I liked the “photo a day” deal so much, I’m also going to try and find cool videos to post as regularly as I can — mostly on Fridays. I may end up shooting some of them but I … Continue reading

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As always, we remember

I’m very lucky to live in a country where I’ve had the opportunity to pursue pretty much whatever dream I saw fit. To those who can no longer follow their dreams, we will not forget you.

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Surfing In Malibu

No, it wasn’t me surfing. It was professionals who know what they’re doing. Although, I did surf a bit when I was younger, but never really got very good at it. Also, I’ve tried it again a couple times recently … Continue reading

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