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Video Friday (Sunday Edition)

I’ve been busy (Again with the excuses, right?) and have been working hard to get The Flickcast on its feet. Now that the show and the site are going and we’re gathering some great writers to participate, I’m turning my … Continue reading

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Video Friday (Saturday Edition) – The New ‘Harry Potter’ Trailer

I’ve been busy getting the new venture, The Flickcast, on its digital feet. So that mean that this blog might suffer a bit. However, I have not forgotten it completely because here’s the latest trailer for Harry Potter and the … Continue reading

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Video Friday – The ‘Moon’ Trailer

I like space stuff. Some of my favorite movies and TV shows have been about space. Shows like Apollo 13, The Right Stuff and From the Earth to the Moon have always fascinated me. So, I’m pretty interested in the … Continue reading

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Video Friday – Sunday Edition: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Here is is, one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. The origin of one of the comic book world’s most loved characters: the mighty Wolverine. I can’t wait to see this movie and now, you don’t have to. … Continue reading

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Moving on Up

I’ve moved this blog from hosted WordPress to my own server also using WordPress. Yes, I’m that cool and know how to do stuff. However, due to the migration, things still look a bit wonky and will for a few … Continue reading

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The Flickcast is Live!

I’m very happy that as of today, the new Podcast I’ve been working on with my pals Christina Warren and Matt Raub is live. So, for all your film, television, comic book and geek information needs, head on over and … Continue reading

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