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All Work and No Play . . .

For those interested, and I think I see one or two of you way in the back, I’ve started a new writing project. This is in addition to the several other things I’m currently working on. Yes, I like to … Continue reading

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Some Useful And Interesting Things

I guess I might reconsider the title of this post and perhaps change it to something like “Things That Are Useful to Me” or even “Things That Are Useful And Interesting to Me.” Although, because I’m the only one writing … Continue reading

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Sunday Meetings Are Fun — No, Really

It isn’t really a secret, but yes, I’m working on a movie. It was written by an old friend of mine (old in the sense I’ve known him a long time, not the other thing) and he is also directing … Continue reading

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Some Oscar Thoughts and Predictions Because People Asked

As you’re likely aware, the Oscar nominations were announced this week by the event’s host, Seth MacFairlane, and the lovely actress Emma Stone. As usual, the nominations brought a flurry of angry denouncements from people on Twitter, and elsewhere, about … Continue reading

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A New iPad Writing Update

As previously mentioned, I’ve been trying to write with the iPad as much as possible instead of using the MacBook Air or any other OS X-powered Mac. After a couple weeks of doing this, I’ve got some thoughts to share. … Continue reading

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Trailer Tuesday – A New One for ‘Pacific Rim’

It’s CES time in Las Vegas and yes, I’m very glad not to be there. I’ve been several times and each time I vowed it would be the last. This year I was able to keep that promise. Although, strangely … Continue reading

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Random Saturday Pics

Two pictures, one Saturday. The first is where I would like to be right now. The second is what I would take with me. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which. I’m sure you’ll have no … Continue reading

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Wil Wheaton Reads Warren Ellis’ ‘Gun Machine’

Because I feel bad about the Star Trek:TNG video not working (see previous post), I’ve decided to give you a new thing to watch that probably won’t go away any time soon. Well, we hope not anyway. Like the vanishing … Continue reading

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