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‘Breaking Trek’

In truth, I haven’t watched the last couple seasons of Breaking Bad . . .yet. I have, however, watched every episode of every Star Trek series. More than once, in fact. I also like when smart, talented people put things … Continue reading

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DIY Not?

As I’m currently sitting in a hospital room waiting for the circle of life to begin, I have some time to reflect on other, somewhat less important, topics. Here goes. As some of you may know, we recently purchased a … Continue reading

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The D&D Animated Series Is 30 Years Old This Week

I still remember that day in 1983 when this show graced the Saturday Morning Cartoon airwaves. To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember for sure if I loved it or not. I think I did, but that was a long … Continue reading

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A New ‘Robocop’ Trailer for a Friday

As movie remakes are as inevitable as death and taxes (I won’t try to fight it anymore), there’s a remake of the sci-fi movie Robocop that’s out there in the world and on the way. No, it hasn’t been released … Continue reading

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