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By Way of An Apology: Some Notes About This Site

Happy second day of 2012. No, I don’t know how long people are allowed to say “Happy New Year” or what I just said. I’m just going with it, okay? That kind of statement brings me, in a not so … Continue reading

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Writing On the iPad

Since the iPad first came out I was hoping it would completely take the place of my laptop for most things. I was especially hoping it would allow me to use it when I go to events like Comic-Con in … Continue reading

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What’s Up?

This site feels lonely. In fact, it is. I haven’t been updating it at all during the last few months because I’ve been spending the majority of my time over at The Flickcast and trying to make that the best … Continue reading

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I Am Still Alive and Other Developments

Sad I have to write that headline, but sometimes when you’ve kept a blog for a few years and updated pretty regularly and then stop, people often wonder if something bad has happened to you. Fortunately, that’s not the case. … Continue reading

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FOIA Reform: Bloggers Are Journalists Too (Part 2)

More on bloggers getting rights and being considered “real” journalists. Now, according to this article, bloggers could have better rights under the Freedom of Information Act. Things are getting even more interesting these days — especially if you happen to … Continue reading

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Testing the Ecto Beta

Just a quick post to test out the new Beta of Ecto, my blogging software of choice. So far, so good. Especially considering the last verion of the Beta would not talk to my blog at WordPress. Now, it does. … Continue reading

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Changes and Some Good Kristen Bell and ‘Heroes’ News

As you can see, there’s been some changes around here. Long story short, I had some trouble with my previous hosting provider (big shock, right?) and have had to move this here blog yet again. Currently, I’m back at good … Continue reading

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