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Still More Useful and Interesting Things

As life returns to normal (or at least my version of it) I realize it’s been several days since I last put some useful and interesting things up here. So, with that in mind, here’s some more for you: • … Continue reading

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Wil Wheaton Reads Warren Ellis’ ‘Gun Machine’

Because I feel bad about the Star Trek:TNG video not working (see previous post), I’ve decided to give you a new thing to watch that probably won’t go away any time soon. Well, we hope not anyway. Like the vanishing … Continue reading

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The Joy of Books

I’ve read quite a few books in my time and I still enjoy reading them today. Over the last few years I’ve spent more time reading them digitally on the Kindle or iPad than reading actual, physical, bound bunches of … Continue reading

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The Importance of Doing Nothing

Unless you use a different calendar than I do (which is possible, I guess) you know today is Sunday. This day is also known as my favorite day of the week. You know this if you read my earlier post … Continue reading

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Reading and Watching

Even though I’m distracted by personal crap lo these several weeks, I’m still trying to find time to read and watch some good stuff — if only to take my mind off of the distracting personal crap. So, because I … Continue reading

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There be Monsters

on my recent trip to miami i read and finished the print version of david wellington’s novel “Monster Island” and it’s fantastic. i really liked it and recommend it highly to any of you who are zombie fans or who … Continue reading

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