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Nerdapalooza 2013

Sadly, I’m not going to the Nerdapalooza event in Orlando next week. I would if I could, because it looks like a great time with a lot of bands, and other nerdity, I would enjoy.┬áPlus, hello, I’m a nerd from … Continue reading

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The Importance of Doing Nothing

Unless you use a different calendar than I do (which is possible, I guess) you know today is Sunday. This day is also known as my favorite day of the week. You know this if you read my earlier post … Continue reading

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‘Sports Illustrated’ Reveals New 2010 Cover Girl

Here’s the new SI cover girl Brooklyn Decker looking very good. You’re welcome.

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My Favorite Patrick Swayze Movies

Sadly, the world lost a great guy, a great dancer, a great actor and a great fighter today when Patrick Swayze passed away at 57 from complications due to pancreatic cancer. He will be missed. I’ve been a fan of … Continue reading

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As always, we remember

I’m very lucky to live in a country where I’ve had the opportunity to pursue pretty much whatever dream I saw fit. To those who can no longer follow their dreams, we will not forget you.

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Photo Tuesday with Princess Leia, Selma Blair, Milo Ventimiglia and More!

Here’s some photos for ‘Photo Tuesday’ from the recent New York Comic Con. These were taken by my pal Tony Mark at the show and feature some people you may know and characters you may recognize. Enjoy. Milo Ventimiglia from … Continue reading

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New York Comic Con Final Thoughts

You know, maybe I won’t bother to do a brain dump post about the NYCC after all. Sure, I could hit you with all the things I liked about the Con from the not overly-crowded show floor to the weather … Continue reading

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New York Comic Con Stalling

I’m still gathering my thoughts (such as they are) about the New York Comic Con. Rest assured I will eventually do a brain dump of whatever is left in there to dump. I know, without reservation, it will be well … Continue reading

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