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Some Apple WWDC 2014 Keynote Reactions

Today at Apple’s WWDC event in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and other key players at the company, took the stage at Moscone Center to announce some of the new and cool stuff such we can expect from Apple … Continue reading

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Writing On the iPad with Final Draft and More

Even though I’ve had an iPad since day one, I haven’t really embraced it as a pure writing tool and it hasn’t completely replaced my laptop for that purpose as I hoped it would. I have used it for some … Continue reading

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Testing the Ecto Beta

Just a quick post to test out the new Beta of Ecto, my blogging software of choice. So far, so good. Especially considering the last verion of the Beta would not talk to my blog at WordPress. Now, it does. … Continue reading

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Video Questions, SXSW and the Busy Tony Pierce

Oddly enough I can’t embed a video here from a site called Jumpcut. Even though the video is an interview with WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg conducted by LAist head honcho and all-around cool guy Tony Pierce. You would think they … Continue reading

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Going to Mars (Edit)

As much as I love ecto and all its blogging goodness I sometimes wonder if something better is out there to suit my needs. So, I have decided to give Mars Edit a try. I only downloaded it this evening … Continue reading

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New OS, thy name is Leopard

in case you have been living in a hole or something, apple released details on its new upcoming OS, codename Leopard, this week. all the gory details can be found at the various sites that cover this type of thing. … Continue reading

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Starbucks, Mars Edit and John Coltrane

well, here i sit at my local, and still favorite, Starbucks in studio city. john coltrane’s “a love supreme” is playing. for once, they have some pretty good music here. usually, its some junk i don’t know or like very … Continue reading

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Flocking it again and some LAist news

i am trying the new version of the pretty cool browser called flock. flock combines many of the tools that i use (blog software, image browsing, search, news, etc.) into one easy to use interface. it’s really come a long … Continue reading

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