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More Useful and Interesting Things

It’s the weekend so many of you are probably out doing weekend-type things. Good for you. Enjoy yourselves. In the interest of enjoyment, or in some cases entertainment or information to enhance your lives, here’s another list of useful and/or … Continue reading

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Some Cool New Trailers

First of all, this trailer for what will surely be my favorite game of the year, Modern Warfare 2, is now up at The Flickcast. In short, it looks awesome. Also, it looks better than most movie trailers I see … Continue reading

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Uwe Boll, EA, XBox 360 and NDA’s

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the look of the site again. Yes, I had some time on my hands recently so I decided to mess around with it. I like the results now and will … Continue reading

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New Business and some old New Business

we are considering many alternatives and are getting together a new business venture that promises to bring many exciting things (at least for us). we are working hard and are not ready to reveal all the sordid details as of … Continue reading

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People are crazy and other news of the world

this is sad. its a shame what people are willing to do to save some money. i love the mac too but really, get a grip people. and i have to wonder if the Richmond Police slept through the lecture … Continue reading

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Up again but working on it

It’s earlier than it usually is when I do this. It’s only about midnight so I’m making progress in the fight against insomnia. If only their wasn’t such quality television or video gaming to be had. That also tends to … Continue reading

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