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A Very Effective and Touching Apple Ad for the Holidays

I don’t watch a lot of commercials. This is mostly because I record to a DVR or stream from a source like Netflix or iTunes. So, I fast forward through them or they don’t appear at all. Plus, as I … Continue reading

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Paper Is Not Dead

I’m someone who has embraced the new technologies and does a lot of content consumption and creation via the iPad. I am also someone who still uses a pen, pencil and paper often. I really like that kind of analog … Continue reading

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David Fincher’s New Calvin Klein Ad

This new ad for Calvin Klein is directed by David Fincher and features an actress he likes to work with quite a bit: Rooney Mara. Gotta say, it’s pretty impressive. To me, this is an almost perfect ad. I say … Continue reading

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A Little Apple History: Print Advertising 1975 – 2002

If you know me, even a little bit, you know I’m a huge fan of all things Apple. I use an iPhone 5, MacBook Air, iPad and have had other Apple products going all the way back to before the … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the Big Game. Although, to have to call it that because of some copyright or trademark deal is a bit stupid. So, let’s try that again. Today is The Super Bowl. Let ’em come after me. This means, … Continue reading

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