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The First 24 Hours With iOS 7

As promised, I’m back with more on Apple’s latest iOS offering, a “little” update known as iOS 7. Things started off a bit rough yesterday as I tried to get iOS 7 to install and activate on my test iPhone … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs and ‘One More Thing’

I had the good fortune to be at several MacWorld Keynote events over the years, including the one in 2007 where Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, so this video was a real treat for me. In it, the enterprising … Continue reading

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Still More Useful and Interesting Things

Here we are again with another list of things I find useful and/or interesting. Yes, as you might have gathered by now, I’m going to be making this a somewhat regular thing. Well, as regular as one can be when … Continue reading

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Some New Photos

Took these over the weekend. One more in my “California” series and one just because I thought it was funny. Taken with the iPhone 5 using Instagram.

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Verizon Sells Your Browsing Data, Demographic Info and More

I posted about this on Twitter,┬ábut think it’s important enough to put it here too. If you use an iPhone on Verizon (and probably other phones too) the company will collect and sell your browsing data, and more, unless you … Continue reading

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The iPhone 5 Is Fun

So I went ahead and got an iPhone 5. Those who know me will know it isn’t that hard to believe. I’ve had the phone for a few weeks now (I pre-ordered it the same time I ordered one for … Continue reading

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