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The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Supercut Trailer Is Pretty Great

I love Star Wars. You love Star Wars. Pretty much everyone loves Star Wars. And, what’s even better, we live in a world where we can expect more Star Wars movies and will get the first of the new ones … Continue reading

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‘Star Wars’, Comics and More

I haven’t been reading very many comic books lately. In fact, I almost never buy single issues of any comic title. I only get trades of titles I’m interested in. And that list is pretty short these days. In fact, … Continue reading

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A ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Trailer. . . Made With LEGO

If you recall a couple weeks ago, I posted the trailer for Man of Steel made with LEGO. Well, Antonio Toscano is back and he’s got a new trailer. This time it’s for Star Trek: Into Darkness and yes, it’s … Continue reading

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And Now, the Bigger and Better Trailer for ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’

A few days ago, we got a good look at the next Star Trek movie. And now, we get an even better one. Yes, I still think this movies looks great. Yes, I’m still looking forward to seeing it. And … Continue reading

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The New ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Trailer Looks Awesome

This is a movie I’m looking forward to seeing. Let’s hope it lives up to the trailer. I think it will.

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