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The ‘Akira Project’ Trailer

Hollywood has been trying to make a live-action version of the classic anime and manga Akira for a long time. They should just let these guys do it. Sure, this trailer isn’t exactly a trailer, nor is it without a … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday, So Here’s a Trailer for ‘Yakuza Weapon’

I can’t keep putting things away in the new house and not take a break. So, during one of said breaks, I came across this trailer for the movie Yakuza Weapon. If you’ve followed this site for any length of … Continue reading

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‘009ノ1: The End of the Beginning’ Looks Pretty Crazy

I’m a fan of movies from around the world, and this trailer for 009ノ1: The End of the Beginning is one reason why. Sure, it doesn’t have the high dollar production value of a Michael Bay “epic”, but it does … Continue reading

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