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How Apple Are You?

It should be no surprise to anyone (at least anyone paying attention) I’m an Apple fan. I like the company and I like the company’s products. Quite a bit, in fact. I like Apple’s products so much I’ve amassed a … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, An American Legend

I haven’t said much about the upcoming biopic of Steve Jobs, featuring Ashton Kutcher as the iconic Apple frontman. I’ve done that mostly because when I first heard about it, I was sure it was going to be a disaster, … Continue reading

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Initial Thoughts on iOS 7 and Apple In General

Like many of you, I watched Apple’s WWDC keynote this morning with a great deal of interest. I was very curious what the next version of iOS, called iOS 7, would look like. Well, now we know. My first reaction … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs and ‘One More Thing’

I had the good fortune to be at several MacWorld Keynote events over the years, including the one in 2007 where Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, so this video was a real treat for me. In it, the enterprising … Continue reading

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A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs

This was written by Steve Jobs sister Mona Simpson and given at a ceremony for the late Apple co-founder and all-around genius. I thought it was worth reposting and preserving here for me, and for you. — I grew up … Continue reading

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Looking For Inspiration

No matter what I’ve achieved in my life, occasionally I find myself in need of some inspiration or motivation (or both). Usually, whatever I need comes from inside me and I end up making it work somehow. Other times, I … Continue reading

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